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Had a lovely talk with Ryan

He told me that Pastor Adam at the church texted him and told him I was really depressed (which, admittedly I wasn't happy about at first... it kind of added to my feeling of being a burden and a nuisance. 🙁) I let him read my previous two blog entries and we talked about them. He said that anytime I'm feeling lonely or depressed (especially if I'm feeling suicidal, which I'll admit I was today) I can text him and he'll make time to talk to me.

He was also very honest and told me that I kind of am pushing him and the other guys away by being too clingy. I told him what I said to Adam about feeling like he's kind of glad sometimes to have reasons not to hang out with me, and he said that sometimes he feels that way about the other guys in the house (which made me feel better, lol).

He did encourage me, as did Pastor Adam, to get counseling, as well as meet with someone from the church's Stephen Ministry and to see if I can make some more friends. (Oh! I meant to tell him that I have been invited to join United Methodist Women. He'll be happy to hear that. I wonder if they do things together aside from their monthly luncheons after church...)

He also encouraged me to spend some time with the girls at Francis House, as well as continue to cultivate my friendship with Lisa, Macie, and Rebecca at Cochran House, since all my current friends are guys and, well... 😊

All in all, he gave me loads of good advice. I'm feeling so much better now, and so happy that he's my friend (and that Pastor Adam is, too! Of sorts, I guess... 😊)
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