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Community meal at Cochran House, 2/2/17

I had an awesome time!

I took an Uber and got to the church (Cochran Chapel UMC) at around 6:30 p.m. (dinner starts at 7:00... usually 😊). I had to call Justin to ask where the house was, and he came down and escorted me. We got to talk for a bit and I met the other residents -- Justin's wife Lisa, and Maci and Rebecca, who are seminary students. (Most people who live in Epworth houses are either grad students or former students; I believe the house stewards are on staff at the Missional Wisdom Foundation.) I also got to meet some people from the neighborhood who have dinner there.

I did broach the subject of maybe spending a few days at the house so I could really experience living in community --as I'd told Ryan, I can read and talk about it, but the best way for me to actually learn is to just immerse myself in it. Justin told me that Ryan had mentioned to him that I'd be asking and suggested that I continue coming to the meals for a few months so that I could get to know the residents and they could get to know me. (Makes perfect sense, and I plan to do just that.)

Dinner was a little late (crockpot issues 😊), but wonderful! We had soup, string beans, sourdough bread and butter, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Isaac, two of the guests' son, offered up "Justin's Seven Words of Wisdom", which were funny and wise (I'm really sorry now that I didn't write them down or record them). We also got to ask questions (mine was "Why did Christians start having the Sabbath on Sunday?" Answer: Early Christians began the Sabbath at sunrise on Sunday because Jesus rose on that day and it's sort of a celebration (I guess that would be the word) of his resurrection. Also, there was something about the "eighth day" -- God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh -- the on the "eighth day" he will come to earth in the person of Jesus... I think. Again, I should have recorded Lisa's response.)

I found out that Lisa's a Trekkie! Yay! LOL (Justin's a Star Wars fan like Ryan; that's okay, though, I still love him. LMAO) I didn't get the chance to really talk to her about it, but I'm sure I will!

I joined the group for community prayer, which we also do at Bonhoeffer House, and then we chatted a bit. I ended up leaving around 9:00 and got back to Bonhoeffer about half an hour later. (Thank God for Uber!)

As I said, I plan to visit Cochran House as often as I can over the next few months, and right now I'm really hoping to be invited to live there. (Justin is a co-founder of a ministry to the disabled called The Julian Way, and since I'm disabled (as is he) maybe I can help with that.) We shall see, I suppose.
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